Question. What is "99squarefoot.in" ?
Answer. "99squarefoot.in" is India's leading community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsoring property posts as an advertisement in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation.This e-commerce site aims to become a household name in the near future. In a short span of time, we have been able to build a disciplined and dedicated customer network. Our service is gaining popularity in real estate sector in a geometric progression.The demand for our services is growing with each day and so is our network.


Question. What are benefits of joining 99squarefoot?
Answer. Create an instant Internet presence. that is very rapidly indexed and ranked by search engines.

  • Network and share ideas with other real estate professionals throughout the whole country.
  • Gain access to a great referral network for out of area referrals.
  • Take advantage of many free communication tools such


Question. Is 99squarefoot.in a lead generator ?

Answer. No, 99squarefoot is not a lead generation company in the conventional sense. We only help real estate professionals succeed rather than putting up additional barriers between the consumer and the agent.


Question. I already have my own website,so why should I join 99squarefoot.in?
Answer. Your Real Estate Profile on the network can be used to augment and direct traffic to your existing web site. By incorporating a link back to your full web site in your profile it will help enhance your search engine rankings as well as directly drive buyers and sellers to your site.




Question. How do I post my property online?

Answer. Login with a valid Username & Password link on the homepage and follow the onscreen instructions.


Question. How many properties can I list?

Answer. At current time you can list one to hundred property completely Free of cost against your membership.


Question. How do I add or remove a property?

Answer. Login to My Account.Go to My Adds.Then you will see all the properties you have listed and can edit, upload or delete them accordingly.


Question. How often can I edit or change the informations?

Answer. You can edit or change your informations as frequently as you wish.


Question. How can I change my listing package?

Answer. Currently we have all Free package.You can post as many as hundred ads all free of cost.


Question. Can I create multiple accounts with 99squarefoot?

Answer. No, only one account can be created while registering on 99squarefoot.


Question. How do I upload photos/images to my ads?

Answer. Adding a photo to your profile is very important. It helps readers identify and remember you.

  • First open https://www.99squarefoot.in.Then, log in to "My Account".
  • Upon log in you will come to a page with highlighted links on the left. Click "Sell Property Free".
  • You will see a box on the right side of the screen with words below it that say "Upload Picture." Click on that link and a box will open.
  • Click the browse button and you will be able to browse your computer for the appropriate picture to post into your profile.
  • Select that picture by clicking on it once and selecting "open."
  • Then select the button "Upload Photo."
  • Your photo will appear in the box above.
  • That’s it you’ve uploaded a photo to your ads.


Question. I have forgotten my login ID password,how can I recover it?

Answer. From the log in page at 99squarefoot.in there is a link that reads "Forgot your password?" Clicking on that link will enable you to use your Phone Number/ Email address (the one you use in 99squarefoot ) or your user name to have your account information sent to you. You should receive a response immediately on your mobile number or email. Be sure to check your junk folders or your junk filtering tools if you don't see that email. You can also always search for yourself via your email address to find your profile which will show your user name in the URL.


Question. What if I need assistance? 

Answer. The team of "99squarefoot" is here to assist and support you in all ways. We want to do everything we can to help you maximize your affiliate earnings. You'll periodically receive emails from us with program news and updates, special promotions, and tips for increasing your results. If you have additional questions, the best way to reach us is via email at info@99squarefoot.in


Question. What kind of business do I post in 99squarefoot.in ?

Answer. You can post any business that is related to property and real estate. Categories include: Advisory Services, Architects, Construction, Consultants/Research, Designers, Developer, Engineers, Home Technology, Landscape, Legal, Products, Security, and Serviced Apartments and many more.Some categories are yet to be added.


Question. Should I pay any commission to 99squarefoot?

Answer. No. You need not pay any commssion to 99squarefoot.All business dealings are solely at the discretion of the buyer and the seller


Question. Can anyone view my contact informations?

Answer. No. To protect against spam, nobody can view your contact informations on first sight.For those viewer who are interested in your Post there is a simple online form that they have to fill first. This also allows you to gauge with 100 per cent accuracy the effectiveness of your listing. We take the security of the information you give us very seriously. For further details please contact with us via email at info@99squarefoot.in.




Question. How can I search a property on 99squarefoot.in?

Answer. 99squarefoot.in website is the easiest property search engine in India. To search any property select "Search" for property listings, click "Go" and then narrow your search based on country, state,area, property type, size ,price and other criteria . Once you've found a property you are interested in, select contact seller and we'll email them with your enquiry and for you may add the property/ies on “My Favorites” which is an exclusive feature of 99squarefoot.in what will help you to find out your exact choice and we hope it will help you to save your valuable time. The seller can then contact you directly.


Question. What kinds of properties are listed for sale?
Answer. Flats, apartments, houses, villas, raw land plots,shoping malls, commercial space and many others.


Question. Which countries can I find property in?

Answer. We have currently limited our services within the periphery of India.


Question. Can I search for a rental property?

Answer. Yes, you can search and choose a property for rental purpose as per availability.


Question. How do I know that informations posted on 99squarefoot are correct?

Answer. We do not take responsibility for any third-party advertiser displaying property informatons at 99squarefoot.in.Because It is not possible for 99squarefoot.in portal to verify the accuracy of informations placed on the site .We recommend our users to conduct proper due diligence, including physical inspection of the properties before engaging in any negotiations with any agent or person displaying property at our portal. 

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