Leadership Team

Be the champion of technology


Operating in a highly competitive e-commerce world the team of 99squarefoot.in firmly believes that it is essential that an organisation has the right approach to learning. The culture of learning starts from the top. Our leadership is the first to participate in learning endeavors, be it certification or  our digital learning tool. Organisation culture tends to echo based on how leaders behave and what they embrace.


99squarefoot has advanced ahead in its journey of embracing digital technology. Fundamental to our strategy is the simplification of people processed by leveraging the power of present digital revolution in the world . Millennials are experience-hungry, they want to learn fast and rise up. We have digitized the way we reward and recognise leadership quality in youths to further the cause of business expansionism with an internal appreciation platform. Kudos is central to infusing positive energy and promoting a high performance culture. 99squarefoot  appeals to our multi-generational workforce to penetrate our service orientation to every household.

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